Turn Higher Education Model Upside Down!
IT Certificate Pays Off More than Degree
Q & A with Zafar Khizer, President
What is Computer Networking?
What Will I Be Doing at my Job?
Where is Real Money in Networking?

Getting a Good Job in Less Time

This may be the most useful 8-page booklet you will read about Resume Writing, Job Hunting and Interview Techniques.

Top 20 Fastest Growing Jobs 2006-2016

Computer Networking is #1 as the fastest growing occupation. Click the above link to see other 19.

Is College Worth the Cost?

Considering a college degree to earn more money. It may not worth it if you want a career in the IT field.

Short Stories for Success in Your Career and Life

Feeling down? This short booklet can inspire you and give some practical tips to succeed in your career and life. It may be the best gift for a young adult or someone going through a tough time.

You Either have IT or You don’t!

Median Salary for Computer Networking Professionals was $62,130 in May 2006 according to Department of Labor. This is a big amount considering you do not need a college degree to become a Network Engineer. All you need is computer aptitude (and about one year training.) To check your computer aptitude, please visit

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