Check Your Computer Aptitude

Why take CAT?
Take this self-assessment test to find out if you have the aptitude to become a successful computer or IT (Information Technology) professional.

What is CAT?
This test was designed to measure your aptitude for working with computers. This means that it will show how well you can follow instructions, obey rules and procedures, and solve problems. It has nothing to do with how much you know about computers, so if you’re new to them, don’t worry! You might still do very well on this test.

What does CAT measure?
This test measures your analytical and problem-solving skills. It also measures how logically you think, how much attention you pay to details, and how closely you follow rules. These skills are required for computer professions such as Systems Analyst, Programmer, Network Manager, Network Engineer, Network Administrator, and PC/Network Technician. These are not the only skills needed for these positions. As with other professions, you also need motivation, integrity, productivity, and the ability to communicate, work in a team, follow instructions, and manage your time. This test measures your natural aptitude for computers and problemsolving. It does not test your other abilities (creativity, for example.)

What does Star Ledger say about CAT?
“Experts at PC AGE, a computer training school in Metropark [and Jersey City], have theories on the problems and solutions regarding the IT shortage…. The key, then is determining whether an individual is well suited for IT before he or she actually begins the training process… An aptitude test, properly designed, can indicate the IT level that is best suited for an individual.” Star Ledger, August 11, 1999.

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