Why Get Certified

  • Certification gives you credibility, industry recognition, and best alternate for experience thus helps you get a job with no experience in the IT field.
  • Employers trust and feel more confident in hiring people who are certified by companies such as CompTIA, Microsoft, and Cisco.
  • In general, certified people start a job with higher salary even without any experience.
  • It substitutes and complements college degree.
  • Certification offers a means to companies to match candidates to job requirements.

"Thanks to the resources available at the school, I was able to meet my target goals of taking and passing every certification exam within 1 week of completing the corresponding course. Considering I had no prior industry experience in IT, having these certifications was crucial to landing my first job. My current employer cites my rapid acquisition of certifications as impressive and one of the reasons they were willing to hire me." – Paul

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