Why PC AGE Internetwork Engineering Program

PC AGE’s comprehensive Internetwork Engineering program that prepares students to become Computer Support Specialist and Network Administrator has the following components:

  • The program includes both fundamental and advanced level courses. No prior computer experience necessary.
  • Hundreds of hands-on exercises and projects that prepare students for real-world situations and problems.
  • Our instructors are CompTIA, Microsoft, VMware, EC-Council and Cisco certified and have on average 5 to 10+ years experience teaching certification courses. We develop our own test preparation materials and preparation for the industry certifications is integrated with each course. Many of our students pass the certifications exams on the first try.
  • Courses taught by our instructors are also available online to our students to reinforce the concepts learned in the classrooms. Theese online modules include contents, quizzes, graphics, and simulated hands-on exercises.
  • Final Graduation Project that students are required to complete to graduate. This Final Project tests all skills needed to work as an Internetwork Engineer.

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