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Career Services

About PC AGE IT School


With a sincere desire to help people improve their lives through education, PC AGE’s mission is to provide world-class career education for employment/career advancement in Information Technology (IT) within a relatively short time.


To be recognized as a top IT institution in our markets that really cares about the success of its students and provides them a life changing education and career.

Introduction/Institutional History

PC AGE is accredited by the Council on Occupational Education (COE) and is a Federal Title IV eligible institute with four locations in New Jersey.

Zafar Khizer and his wife Arifa Khizer established PC AGE in 1991. Zafar Khizer holds a Master’s degree in Computer and Information Science from New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) and is the author of 17 computer books. Some of his books have been used in universities and colleges including New York University. Arifa Khizer has a BS in Electrical Engineering and an MS in Biomedical Engineering from NJIT.

We have built a solid foundation that includes an excellent team of teachers who offer unparalleled technical expertise and training curriculum, an excellent reputation, and a scientifically-validated and copyrighted Computer Aptitude Test. We are proud that today PC AGE remains the most sought-after IT School NJ has to offer.

Institutional Outcomes

The mission and goals of PC AGE Career Institute are accomplished by successfully achieving the following five main elements.
1. Enroll only those students who can benefit from the training. This is accomplished by using the Computer Aptitude Test for the IT program as the entrance requirement. Our two–week cancellation policy allows us to cancel any non–serious students as well as gives a student the chance to cancel his/her enrollment agreement without a penalty if he/she feels this training is not for him/her. Relevant staff will monitor work progress to identify at-risk students.
2. Provide students with a world class education. This is accomplished by using an up–to–date curriculum and support resources and equipment, hiring highly qualified instructors, and continuing to develop better learning materials.
3. Prepare students for industry certifications so they can qualify for competitive wage jobs in a relatively short time. All courses are designed by keeping the relative certification objectives in mind. All IT instructors are required to be certified by CompTIA, Microsoft, and/or Cisco depending on the course they are teaching. Test fee for three industry certifications: CompTIA A+ (2), CompTIA Network+ (1), and CompTIA Security+ (1); 4 exams are included in the tuition to encourage students to take the tests.
4. Assist students in job search in the training related field.
5. Graduate/Employer Satisfaction: Survey current students, graduates, and employers to make sure that the students are satisfied with the services and skills they have learned at the school and employers are satisfied with performance of the graduates at the job.

Chief Administrative Officer: Zafar Khizer - zk@pcage.edu /201-761-0144

Our instructors

Our professors are industry professionals who have at minimum some of the certifications below with an average of 5 to 10+ years experience teaching certification courses.

  • CompTIA
  • Microsoft
  • VMware
  • EC-Council
  • Cisco

We develop our own test preparation materials and preparation for the industry certifications is integrated with each course. Our high standards and teaching methods means many of our students pass the certifications exams on the first try.

Partnering with Thomas Edison State University (TESU)

In 2017, PC AGE updated its articulation agreement to create a college degree pathway with TESU, a regionally accredited institution of higher education. Successful PC AGE graduates of the Internetwork Engineering program will be awarded 21 credits toward TESU’s Associate of Applied Science (AAS) in Applied Computer Studies. TESU has one of the most flexible transfer credit policies in the country, which means PC AGE graduates may also be able to apply credit earned at other regionally accredited colleges and universities toward this degree.
PC AGE Career Institute does not guarantee the transferability of its credits to any other institution unless there is a written agreement with an institution.

Worried about costs?

Speak to a representative to find out which financial aid solutions can be applied to you.

Worried about costs?

Speak to a representative to find out which financial aid solutions can be applied to you.

Why should you enroll?

Get an education that will provide you with a successful and lasting career in Information Technology. Secure a career, not a job.

Program Overview

Our comprehensive one-year program prepares you for a career

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Financial Aid

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Career Services

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Salary Expectations

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Why should you enroll?

Get an education that will provide you with a successful and lasting career in Information Technology. Secure a career, not a job.

Great school. Dedicated a year of hard work and studying for a great future which has already paid for itself. The instructors are very helpful and interested in you actually learning the material. I was well prepared for the job force after PC AGE.

Building a PC from Scratch

Hands-on Workshop

Build your own good quality (used) computer and take home at no charge. Monitor, keyboard, and mouse not included.