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$70K at 22 - Read the amazing story of our graduate

Before joining PC AGE Institute, I was a guy with no money, car, or any goals. I was just a drop-out who was working at Dunkin Donuts with no real ambition to become better. One day, my younger brother decided to help me get my life together and suggested that the best thing I can do is take a career personality test. I decided to take the test and saw that the best career for me is Information Technology. Regardless of the amount of doubts I had about the test, I knew I had nothing to lose and convinced myself to go for it. I decided to put a lot of research about the career, and PC AGE Institute was the first school that came up. At first, I was very doubtful about going to this school or even starting this journey. I was always so negative about myself, and had a fear of being a drop-out and getting myself in so much debts.

1 year after going to this school, I can honestly say that this decision has not only been a life changer but a blessing that I never thought I would get at 22 years old. Not only do I love my career, but this school gave me the most important thing I've always wanted, which is freedom. This school gave me a reason to strive for greatness, and this school is the reason why I have a car, money in my account, and a $70,000 salary. This school opened my eyes about what I am capable of and opened the door for me to chase so many opportunities as an IT [professional]. I will always give thanks for this school, and most importantly, giving thanks to myself for making the best decision in my life.

- 2019 Graduate

Secure a career, not a job

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Jersey City Campus

(Main campus)

2815 Kennedy Boulevard,
3rd Floor,
Jersey City, NJ 07306

Iselin Campus

(Branch Campus)

120 Wood Avenue South
Suite 511
Iselin, NJ 08830

Clifton Campus

(Learning Site)

600 Getty Ave,
3rd Floor
Clifton, NJ 07011

Please call 800-722-4360 or email admissions@pcage.edu to receive further information or to book an appointment. We offer a friendly and personal approach!

Why should you enroll?

Get an education that will provide you with a successful and lasting career in Information Technology. Secure a career, not a job.

Program Overview

Our comprehensive one-year program prepares you for a career

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Financial Aid

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Why should you enroll?

Get an education that will provide you with a successful and lasting career in Information Technology. Secure a career, not a job.

Great school. Dedicated a year of hard work and studying for a great future which has already paid for itself. The instructors are very helpful and interested in you actually learning the material. I was well prepared for the job force after PC AGE.

Building a PC from Scratch

Hands-on Workshop

Build your own good quality (used) computer and take home at no charge. Monitor, keyboard, and mouse not included.